There are 1,000’s of meat suppliers in the UK, so why pick us…? Quality is so much at the heart of the Country Food Services brand, that we have our very own in-house approved factory that all of our meat supplies pass through. Prepared only by our most highly skilled butchers, our meat is cut, prepared and vacuum packed to ensure maximum quality, taste and hygiene. And because we are so confident in our service, any quality issues are always rectified immediately… no questions asked!

Our Process …

There is nothing more important than the quality of your fresh meat. To guarantee excellence is sustained throughout our entire supply chain, we enforce the following stringent quality assurance processes.

Our Supply Chain

Our quality assurance begins with our supply chain. To be certain our supplies are of the highest quality, we are only permitted to buy from nominated suppliers that have full health & safety accreditation and abide by our strict ‘standard expectation’ guidelines. Such process ensures all meat is fully audited and traceable from paddock to plate.

Order Preparation & Quality Checks

With our nominated suppliers in place, our admin team liaise with your chefs and collect all information regarding your meat order. Alternatively, your chefs can place their orders using our super-efficient ordering portal anytime from any mobile device or PC. Just some of the advantages of using the ordering portal are, that the chef gets an instant confirmation receipt of orders placed, but also copy receipts can automatically be sent to numerous email addresses. such as your admin or management departments. This can be a great help with costings, stock control etc. The system also incorporates many features to help maximise your chefs time. The order then goes directly to our skilled butchers who collate all the products needed and initiate quality assurance checks to guarantee only the freshest and highest quality cuts are selected for preparation.

Meat Preparation & Vacuum Sealing

After selection and assessment, our butchers begin to prepare your meat order, to the tailored weight, specification and requirements, in our UK approved facility. Once prepared,
your meat is weighed using our computerised automated weighing scales that create your invoice without any human intervention, before being vacuum sealed to extend shelf life.

Traceability & Labelling

Once vacuum sealed, your order is stamped with full meat traceability information. At Country Food Services, we have a full traceability system on all of our products, administered through our computerised system. For example, our beef is labelled with the exact slaughter and cut information, conforming to all UK regulations on beef labelling. Once fully labelled,
your order is packed into food-grade plastic containers.

Loading & Delivering

Finally, your order is carefully loaded onto our vehicles and packed in the safest and most economical way possible. Our temperature-controlled vehicles ensure your order remains fresh during the rest of the journey.

Next Day Delivery

With our own fleet of vehicles and exceptional distribution process, we boast 6 days per week delivery to most areas in the North West. With a high reputation for our reliable delivery, your business will never have to worry about last minute catering issues. Since Country Food
Services offer free delivery, with no minimum spend, it will never cost you to give us a try.

Fluid Logistics

From preparation to delivery, we ensure the quality of our meat is sustained throughout our supply chain. In order to exceed the expectations of our growing customer base, we only use the quickest and safest logistics options available. Our industry experience enables us to map out the quickest route. Once on the road, our fleet of modern temperature controlled delivery vehicles ensures freshness is sustained throughout the journey of your order until arrival.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Our huge product range positions us as the fresh meat supplier of choice. Boasting 100s of different selections of both halal and non-halal meats, we are sure to satisfy your requirements. With a large selection of cuts in beef, pork, lamb, poultry, and offal, we are able
to cater for even the most exotic menus

Only Pay What You Should

With so much on offer, you possibly expect steep prices. In fact, we are one of the most competitively priced meat suppliers in the industry. Although we often enclose prices within literature, we only ever use them as a guide. Committing to a relationship with us will lead to prices specially tailored to your group’s needs.

We Adapt To Your Needs

When you buy from Country Food Services, you are not just dealing with another butcher or delivery company, you’re working alongside a wholesaler with decades of industry experience. Our skilled butchers work to adapt to your needs. Even if your style is unique to the norm, our Operations Director would be happy to visit your premises to learn of your chef’s expectations.